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ROQ opens its doors to clients at The ROQ Tech Center!

  • Publicado el 29 de Octubre de 2021

A direct result of a lot of planning and hard work, our ROQ Tech Center has been working non-stop since its debut as a training, development and practice tool for our clients, ROQ team members, agents and media outlets.

ROQ opens its doors to clients at The ROQ Tech Center!

Equipped with the latest innovations such as our 3rd Generation DTG machines, the ROQ Now and ROQ Hybrid, our updated industrial dryer ROQ Sahara, our automatic Packaging and Folding line and our reliable screen-printing solutions, the ROQ Tech Center is ready to tackle any situation.

Recently, we opened the center to our clients and hosted a number of different events and showcases. During these, we were able to clear any doubts and concerns they might have regarding our machines by providing a live production simulation environment where troubleshooting new technologies and printing techniques can be done with ease. By making use of our live broadcast streaming setup, we are also able to host our events worldwide and reach our most distant customers!

With the ROQ Tech Center, we want to become an even bigger asset to our partners and provide a platform for them to improve and for us to receive their feedback, thus creating a win-win relationship. ROQ is a European industrial company, vertically integrated, that has been working within its field of activity since its inception, the manufacturing and commercialization of textile printing machines, piece by piece.

With its 38 years of history, ROQ is a globalized company, possessing an extensive network encompassing all continents and exporting 85% of its products to over 60 countries, with a firmly consolidated sales volume of 60 million € and employing 600 people.

With headquarters in Europe (Portugal) and offices in the United States and Brazil, the company also has agents all around the world to ensure distribution and post-sale support in all their active markets. Grounded in Kaizen Methodology, our commitment towards continuous improvement never wavers, as we grow bigger with each passing year.

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