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Sun Chemical UK scoops BCF Customer Service award

  • Publicado el 25 de Noviembre de 2021

Sun Chemical UK is pleased to announce that its Customer First program, has won a Customer Service award from the British Coatings Federation (BCF). The award was presented at the BCF Awards 2021, which took place on 14th October at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel. The event was attended by almost 300 delegates. When selecting a winner for this award, the BCF said it was looking for a Customer Service initiative or programme that was “successful and unique”.

Sun Chemical UK scoops BCF Customer Service award

Commenting on Sun Chemical UK’s win, the BCF said: “Being able to give examples of improvement due to feedback was desired and Sun Chemical UK were able to do this through their Customer First Programme, their approach to Quality Feedback and sharing Best Practice.”

While presenting the award, the BCF added: “I’d like to acknowledge the sterling efforts of Sun Chemical for the way in which they adapted their Customer First program to the COVID pandemic. In some ways, it’s easy to put measures in place for how you’re doing. It’s much harder to give people a real reason to care and a perspective for how their role genuinely adds to the business.

“Sun has achieved this by continuing with their programme despite COVID – acknowledging that customer experience probably matters more when we can’t be face-to-face so easily”. This focus on culture demonstrates Sun Chemical’s humanistic approach - without this it’s easy to get lost in processes and metrics.

Upon receiving the award, Mark Frost, Sun Chemical Managing Director UK Ireland, Nordics & South Africa, said: “This award recognises the value that everyone in my team, and across all parts of Sun’s business, places on the importance of great Customer Service. It reflects how as a business we are focussed on ensuring that everything we do has a positive influence on how we are perceived by our customers. To receive an Award for our internal program is great recognition of the path we have followed and the importance we place on our customer service approach.”

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