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Dantex launched revolutionary technology for Pico range at Labelexpo Europe 2023

  • Publicado el 03 de Octubre de 2023

Specialist digital label press manufacturer, Dantex Group, has used Labelexpo Europe 2023 to launch a series of ground-breaking technological advancements to their impressive Pico range of digital UV inkjet presses.

Dantex launched revolutionary technology for Pico range at Labelexpo Europe 2023

CEO Ben Danon showcased a host of transformative upgrades to visitors and industry experts on the inaugural day of the show, using the Dantex stand and a fully specced PicoJet 1200 as a backdrop. Game-changing innovations include the addition of new DRS (Digital Resolution System) and print head technology powered by Ricoh, inline finishing now with semi-rotary die-cutting in addition to full rotary, and a new and exciting partnership with ACTEGA Metal Print GmbH (AMP) for its sustainable metallisation technology, ECOLEAF.

The inclusion of DRS is pivotal. Developed in partnership with imaging and electronics powerhouse, Ricoh, not only does the print head technology boast an astonishing resolution surpassing 2400 dpi, but it's also encased in a rugged stainless steel housing ensuring unmatched stability and reliability, even at blistering printing speeds.

The launched updates didn't end there. Every Pico press in the range is now available with violet, the latest colour addition to the range. Furthermore, the inclusion of the new Aegis inspection control solution monitors and protects the press through Dantex’s proprietary Knight Guard system. This system, along with various other inspection tools, aims to improve quality control. The PicoJet series comes in several versions, including hybrid models, which boost output and enhance production capabilities. There are also inline flexo options available, either before or after the print station. These options allow for a range of embellishments, such as spot and flood coat varnishing, spot colours, and cold foiling.

One of the standout announcements is Dantex's collaboration with ACTEGA Metal Print GmbH (AMP), which promises to bring even more appeal to its cutting-edge solutions by elevating the printing experience and expanding the range of stunning effects achievable with PicoJet. Designed for a broad variety of markets, ECOLEAF is a digital solution enabling metallisation embellishments onto self-adhesive labels. By using only the precise amount of metal required for the printed area, ECOLEAF eradicates the use of hot and cold foil rolls and their subsequent high impact on waste.

"This year's launch surpassed all expectations. The PicoJet series, with its innovative and advanced technologies, promises our customers an unparalleled printing experience. The strides we've made in clarity, interface refinement and state-of-the-art finishes all bolster PicoJet's leadership in the digital printing space,” said Ben Danon, Dantex Group's CEO.

The current PicoJet range already boasts a myriad of popular features, including user-friendly PicoCenta and PicoPilot software with intuitive touchscreen interfaces, exceptional print quality, and unmatched performance even at high speeds. Cutting-edge innovations such as SuperText®, SuperWhite®, and SuperTactile® technologies are seamlessly integrated, offering a wide range of finishing solutions for end-to-end label manufacture.

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