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Blueprint AG completes installation of first Landa S10P in Germany

  • Publicado el 13 de Agosto de 2021

Landa Digital Printing announces that a Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press has successfully been installed at commercial printer BluePrint AG in Germany. The B1, double sided Landa press will enable BluePrint AG to address customer demands for large format commercial jobs with higher levels of customization, but at short-medium run lengths. The new Landa press will also enable BluePrint AG to increase internal efficiencies unlocking valuable cost savings, while further enabling it to target new business growth of up to 30%.

Blueprint AG completes installation of first Landa S10P in Germany

The new Landa S10P is located at BluePrint AG’s expanded facilities in Munich, serving European customers across the German speaking countries. According to business owner, Gerhard Meier, the technology will allow the company to increase productivity and reduce time to market. Utilizing the Landa S10P’s seven colors and ultra-wide color gamut, BluePrint AG will be able to service even the most complex customer requests for ultra-realistic photographic images, with high levels of personalization. Furthermore, by moving work to the Landa S10P, BluePrint AG expects to reduce its carbon emissions by up to 35%.

Gerhard Meier, CEO, BluePrint AG, comments, “We have a large customer base at BluePrint AG, including prestigious multinationals such as Porsche and BMW, as well as pharmaceuticals including Novartis. As a result, it is our ongoing priority to deliver only the highest quality jobs to customers. To achieve that, we invest in the latest, often game-changing, technology to provide fast, flexible, and sustainable solutions at competitive prices. The Landa S10P fits that bill perfectly, and it’s already opening- up new business opportunities.”

With a portfolio mix of traditional offset presses and smaller format digital capabilities, BluePrint AG plans to transition existing medium-run jobs onto its new Landa S10P. Typical applications include catalogs, displays, invitations, posters, magazines, and direct-mail.

“In terms of its B1 format (1050mm x 750mm) and ability to print on a wide range of substrates, the versatility of the Landa S10P allows us to use it across almost all of our business. This enables us to improve productivity by moving work from our offset and digital presses that are a better fit for Nanography®, especially for short-medium run length work,” continues Gerhard Meier. “For many of our pharmaceutical clients, jobs are also required in multi-language versions – needing a level of personalization that’s difficult to produce cost efficiently for short-medium runs on other technology. In addition, the Landa S10P’s seven colors and ultra-wide color gamut provides unparalleled results in terms of color definition and print quality.”

Established 25 years ago, BluePrint AG today employs 160 people, serving mainly the German, Swiss and Austrian markets. With a particular focus on offering sustainable solutions, the company is excited about the opportunity that the S10P represents.

“The Landa S10P fits perfectly into our ethos of delivering high quality products, while also being sustainability conscious,” concludes Gerhard Meier. “When compared to offset processes, the ability of the S10P to reduce our carbon emissions by up to 35% is also a huge win. Nanography is a unique technology that we needed in our portfolio, and it’s not only a big selling point for us, but also for our customers in meeting their corporate social responsibility programs.”

Manuel Schrutt, General Manager EMEA at Landa Digital Printing, comments, “We’re proud to see our first perfecting press in Germany installed at BluePrint AG – they are a great fit for the technology. We are genuinely excited to see how they utilize the Landa S10P to meet customer demand, while exploring its wider capabilities to expand its business offering.”

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