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Kornit Digital continues to reinvent and reimagine textile decoration with enhanced Presto MAX

  • Publicado el 12 de Junio de 2023

Kornit Digital LTD. (“Kornit” or the “Company”), a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand digital fashionx and textile production technologies, today announced the Company is taking the power of digital fashion to new heights with enhancements to the Kornit Presto MAX system for digital fabric decoration on demand.

Kornit Digital continues to reinvent and reimagine textile decoration with enhanced Presto MAX

Designed with the fashion and home décor industry in mind, the enhanced solution presents breakthrough capabilities for transforming virtual concepts into brilliant custom fabrics, supplementing best-in-class digital efficiency and quality with industry-first brilliant white printing on colored fabrics. The new NeoPigmentTM Vivido ink breaks barriers to achieve darker, deeper blacks and colors and establish new fashion standards with a pigment-based process. Kornit’s patented solution offers a streamlined and completely dry process for the most sustainable fabric decoration. Bringing together richer, deeper blacks with lower ink usage and better hand-feel is the unique combination necessary for sustainable fashion fulfillment – which Kornit pioneered and continues to lead.

At ITMA 2023, Kornit will also be displaying an end-to-end partner ecosystem – underscoring how integrated solutions ensure a smooth transition towards a digital infrastructure and enable long-term business growth. Highlighting the power of partnership alongside Kornit is Greentex.co, a top supplier of textiles and apparel leveraging digitally enabled, eco-friendly waterless printing. The company will be showing Presto MAX with fabrics highlighting the depth of black inks. Working alongside Kornit, Zünd will demonstrate how its modular cutting systems is the foundation for an end-to-end “eco factory,” completing top-of-the-line fashion decorated by Presto MAX with their digital cutting solutions. Pentek Textile Machinery joins to display the possibilities for inline, sustainable softening of fabrics for unique and demanding applications.

According to recent Kornit Impact Reports, fashion production is plagued by wasteful practices. The industry is responsible for severe ecological damage with overproduction of approximately 30 percent of manufactured garments and nearly 20 percent of global wastewater. Presto MAX is designed to address these challenges, offering a sustainable, single-step process meeting the highest quality standards of the world’s top fashion and home décor brands. Powered by Kornit MAX technology, the sustainable, on-demand textile decoration system allows producers to create more with less, shrink carbon footprints, and tap into new markets.

“When we first unveiled our industry-leading Presto MAX in 2021, the intent was to change the world of fashion and textiles forever – tapping into the power of on-demand digital decoration to set new standards for sustainability and creative fulfillment,” said Ronen Samuel, Chief Executive Officer at Kornit Digital. “We’re proud to highlight how Kornit anticipates the needs of an industry facing new opportunities sparked by digital transformation, while addressing mandates to cut waste and overproduction. Continuous innovation across our production systems, as well as supporting automation technologies, software, and partnerships, ensure customers achieve the highest possible return on investment, receive best-in-class support for their operational and business needs, and prepare to capitalize on trends shaping fashion and textiles for years to come.”

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