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Flint Group launches 2023 Sustainability Report

  • Publicado el 03 de Enero de 2024

Global print consumables supplier Flint Group has released its 2023 Sustainability Report, outlining the organisation's performance in the critical areas of social, economic and environmental responsibility. It is the company's first Sustainability Report since 2020 and marks a revised approach to sustainability reporting for Flint Group.

Flint Group launches 2023 Sustainability Report

Flint Group’s sustainability report offers all stakeholders greater insight into its sustainability initiatives and performance. In addition to demonstrating progress in the vital areas of resource efficiency and carbon footprint reduction, the report details the company's sustainability targets and PRISM sustainability framework, which focuses on three core areas: Product, Planet, and People.

Compiled in alignment with formal sustainability reporting standards outlined by GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board), the report addresses the needs and interests of various stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and employees.

Steve Dryden, CEO of Flint Group, explains the significance of the report: "At Flint Group, Sustainability is one of our Core Values. As we grow, we are evolving our approach to sustainability. A prime example is our PRISM framework, which emphasises the areas of our business where we can make meaningful changes and accelerate sustainability progress."

Dryden continues, "Our updated Sustainability Report not only documents our sustainability achievements but guides us to identify areas for further improvement. The report underscores our commitment to transparency in sustainability reporting."

In addition to detailing Flint Group's multi-layered sustainability initiatives in areas such as the circular economy, climate change, social responsibility and product stewardship, the detailed report gives further insight into how the business has developed over the preceding year.

Matthew Rowland-Jones, Sustainability Officer at Flint Group, concludes: "The report provides an opportunity to reflect upon our sustainability journey. Each chapter explores a different theme of our PRISM framework while addressing updates in occupational health, safety, and responsible business practices.

“Crafted to communicate our progress to all stakeholders, the report offers a comprehensive view of Flint Group's overall performance. It sheds light on the impact of our interconnected approach to sustainability."

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