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Flint Group’s new Novasens® P670 PRIME ink series offers Sheetfed Offset printers quality and efficiency

  • Publicado el 19 de Marzo de 2024

Global print consumables supplier Flint Group has launched Novasens® P670 PRIME, a high-performance low odour, low migration (LOLM) process ink series formulated to meet the needs of Sheetfed Offset packaging printers worldwide.

Flint Group’s new Novasens® P670 PRIME ink series offers Sheetfed Offset printers quality and efficiency

Novasens® P670 PRIME provides a comprehensive solution to increase efficiency and reduce waste. This ink series aligns with printers’ sustainability objectives without compromising on print quality and is fully compliant with regulatory requirements. In an increasingly demanding market defined by the need to reduce cost while improving productivity, Novasens® P670 PRIME helps to enhance the efficiency of printers’ press rooms. The ink series supports productive, high-quality printing whilst ensuring outstanding colour strength and vibrancy. Novasens P670 PRIME is a new milestone in LOLM Sheetfed inks from Flint Group.

The low tack, picking and piling characteristics of the product result in excellent board compatibility, ensuring reduced press downtime. Furthermore, the product’s low misting characteristics improve performance on high-speed presses. Novasens® P670 PRIME supports Sheetfed packaging converters to meet their environmental and regulatory objectives. Compliant with INGEDE de-inking requirements, the ink series aligns with multiple environmental standards and is formulated with 75% renewable raw materials. The series complies with standards including FDA, ISEGA, EuPIA, Swiss Ordinance, and the Dutch Commodities Act.

Roy van der Pijl, Senior Commercial Director for Flint Group’s Offset Packaging Solutions business, said: “Today’s Sheetfed packaging converters find themselves working in an increasingly challenging landscape. As pressures from customers mount and regulatory demands evolve, Sheetfed printers need inks they can rely on.”

Emil Schroetter, Technology Director - Sheetfed for Flint Group’s Offset Packaging Solutions, adds: “Novasens® P670 PRIME delivers quality without compromise and unlocks unmatched performance regardless of the board grade used. Furthermore, the ink system comfortably performs on fast-running presses, ensuring excellent printability and increased productivity across multiple press types. Importantly, this product boasts the widest regulatory compliance of any Flint Group Sheetfed ink series in addition to a suite of proven environmental benefits.”

Mr. van der Pijl concludes: “Novasens® P670 PRIME offers Sheetfed printers a tangible productivity and performance improvement - simplifying ink inventory management and improving environmental performance while reducing waste and inefficiency.”

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