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Fiery unveils Fiery XF 8, unifying large format print production with faster performance and enhanced usability

  • Publicado el 31 de Enero de 2024

Fiery LLC, the largest independent provider of digital front ends (DFEs), announced the latest release of Fiery XF for wide to superwide print production. Fiery® XF 8 delivers significant performance gains, enhanced usability, and seamless integration with over 2,400 printers and 2,100 cutter types, offering unparalleled versatility. Extensive device support gives customers the opportunity to maximize ROI by connecting Fiery XF to existing or future large format equipment. As a result, customers can immediately start driving profits through various printed products, from posters, backlit signs, billboards, packaging prototypes, and proofs, to fine art prints.

Fiery unveils Fiery XF 8, unifying large format print production with faster performance and enhanced usability

“Fiery XF was already extremely flexible in terms of printer and cutter support, but the introduction of version 8 takes that to another level with the hundreds of newly-added supported devices,” said Sue Hayward, CMYUK Commercial Director. “In practical terms, no matter which printer or cutter a customer wants to add to their large format print production, chances are Fiery XF 8 will support it. This keeps onsite disruption, integration, installation, and training times to an absolute minimum, making all our lives easier.”

Fiery XF combines RIP, color management, and workflow software in one solution for precise, productive, and profitable large format print production. Powered by Fiery Command WorkStation®, it can drive multiple printers from a single Fiery XF server, truly unifying print job management through a single interface.

Additional new features in Fiery XF include: Cut Server 3.0 adds 900+ more cutters to support over 2,100 roll to roll cutter models, including the latest Summa and Graphtec devices. 250+ new printer drivers from vendors including Canon, EPSON, Fuji, GongZheng, Inkcups, Liyu, Mimaki, and Roland DG for a total of 2,400 printers now available. FAST Processing Option enables printers to reduce bottlenecks and minimize idle printer time by boosting job processing performance, delivering an average of 6 times faster processing on the highest FAST Level mode, with potential speed increases of up to 13 times faster. New Job Editor offers improved usability and performance with features designed to implify navigation, optimize space utilization, and improve nesting capabilities. Automated Fiery XF system backup and enhanced server file management further contribute to the efficiency and reliability of the system.

“Version 8 expands Fiery XF’s ability to keep wide format print production running optimally and efficiently,” said John Henze, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “The FAST Processing acceleration gains means operators can easily find the sweet spot between production speed and the required quality. Rapid production alone isn’t the formula for profitable print; the key is finding the perfect balance between quality and productivity for each job type — Fiery XF 8 makes that important step even easier.”

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