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Guandong presents "THE SPECIALITY 2024"

  • Publicado el 30 de Abril de 2024

The catalogue becomes an inspirational interactive magazine 16 April 2024: Creativity and innovation have always been an integral part of Guandong's DNA. A common theme that lies not only in the development of cutting-edge products and materials, developed to meet, if not actually anticipate emerging needs, but also in the creation of new tools that the Specialities Specialist makes available to the market with the aim of inspiring and "creating culture".

Guandong presents "THE SPECIALITY 2024"

"The Speciality 2024" was created precisely with this objective. Not just catalogue, but a magazine full of exclusive multimedia content which Guandong presents to all stakeholders in the supply chain: from retailers to printers, architects, installers, designers and end customers. "The Speciality 2024 is designed to offer innovative ideas and inspiration," says Giulia Landoni, Guandong’s Marketing and Communication Manager.

"We designed it with the aim of creating an interactive working tool, through which we can share our consolidated know-how in the sector of materials and supports for printing, responding creatively to new trends in interior decoration and visual communication". In its new magazine form, the Guandong catalogue of its entire wide range of media supports for printing is enriched with interesting themed focuses, as well as in-depth articles dedicated to special solutions for which new applications in the field of interior decoration are suggested. The protagonists include three exclusive films which combine versatility and elegance: Dotty Satin, a textured solution that allows you to create privacy by transforming windows, glass walls and other surfaces into design projects; Shop Sign, a printable floor film that is ideal for wayfinding signs in schools; ReVita Tack Puro, a decorative recycled and recyclable film that combines technology and sustainability for the customization of walls, floors and furnishings.

Another new feature for readers is the Guandong Library: a continuously updated downloadable collection that includes multimedia guides full of practical advice for the creation of special applications, the new iNFO Point with detailed fact sheets on specific products, as well useful information on the disposal of packaging and an overview of the company's code of ethics.

As always, to make the search simple and immediate even for non-experts, all the products are presented in the index by application areas and usage requirements. Furthermore, each fact sheet focuses on the product’s strengths, thanks to a brief description of the supports and essential technical information on printability and certifications. Then there is the Digital Corner that is connected to each product, which through a QR Code permits access to specific multimedia content for each range, including a rich photo gallery: a continuously expanding image bank that proposes real applications. The Speciality 2024 is available in both a paper and digital version, which is easy to download and available on any type of device.

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