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hubergroup and manroland Goss unite for Sustainable Packaging Innovation

  • Publicado el 13 de Junio de 2024

hubergroup, a global specialist in printing inks and chemicals, has partnered with manroland Goss web systems, a leading provider of web offset printing solutions, in a strategic collaboration. The partnership represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions, as it combines the extensive knowledge and expertise of hubergroup with the cutting-edge web offset printing technology offered by manroland Goss web systems.

hubergroup and manroland Goss unite for Sustainable Packaging Innovation

Two industry leaders, hubergroup and manroland Goss web systems, have embarked on an exciting collaboration journey to drive innovation in sustainable packaging. This dynamic partnership brings together expertise from diverse companies, fostering innovation and creativity to address the pressing need for sustainable packaging solutions. By pooling their knowledge and resources, hubergroup and manroland Goss are committed to shaping the future of packaging, actively seeking like-minded partners, including brand owners, manufacturers, and packagers, to join them on this transformative journey.

As part of the partnership launch, project teams consisting of experts from both organizations were established. In initial workshops, these teams defined the collaboration framework and set goals. During a recent brainstorming session, creative ideas were generated to envision the packaging of the future: sustainable and colorful.

“At the heart of our partnership and teamwork lies a blend of fun, productivity, and creativity - all dedicated to revolutionizing packaging," said Thomas Polster, Global Key-Account-Manager and Manager Global Business Development Brand Owner at hubergroup. "We firmly believe that collective action is key to tackling waste and conserving resources. Let's unite to make a significant impact."

"United by our commitment to shape a more sustainable future for packaging, our inspiring partnership reinforces our belief in the power of collaboration across the entire value chain to unlock sustainability's full potential,” added Anna Asam, Project Manager and Frank Kreisel , Senior Sales & Service Manager Europe at manroland Goss. “By joining forces, we can overcome the greatest challenges facing the printing industry in the future."

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