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XSYS launches versatile nyloprint® WS PRO D letterpress plate for brilliant print results in tube, cup and can applications

  • Publicado el 10 de Octubre de 2023

XSYS has announced the launch of nyloprint® WS PRO Digital, a newly developed water-washable, steel-based letterpress plate ideal for the printing of plastic tubes and cups, and metal cans and aerosols. Optimized for LED inline exposure and brush washout, the new plate provides superior printing quality independent of the processing equipment. It also excels due to the high stability of the steel used with the nyloprint® materials, which is less prone to kinks and irreversible bending, and its exceptional durability even in the longest print runs at high speed.

XSYS launches versatile nyloprint® WS PRO D letterpress plate for brilliant print results in tube, cup and can applications

“Our customers are under constant pressure to deliver consistent print results quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently, so they need us to continue innovating in this field to give them a competitive edge,” said Dr. Christian Pietsch, Product Manager & Global KAM nyloprint® at XSYS. “The new nyloprint® WS PRO Digital represents a significant addition to our existing portfolio of letterpress printing plates, offering premium results in combination with LED exposure, due to its excellent durability and high stability.”

Available in four thicknesses, the nyloprint® WS PRO D letterpress plate offers better Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and is suitable for dry offset, rotary letterpress, imprinting units and special-purpose printing presses. It exhibits higher sensitivity to UVA LED exposure compared to the market standard, meaning it can be processed faster on inline UV units. The new plate’s greater durability and long cleaning intervals further increase efficiencies on press. In combination with LED exposure, nyloprint® WS PRO D delivers overall excellent print quality with especially superior highlights and finest image details. Customers will also experience the benefits of lower dot gain in print due to dot sharpening.

Because the new formulation is less prone to plate deformation, other advantages include reduced plate waste and longer durability on press, which improve the sustainability of the production process. As well as being suitable for all types of processing equipment, including the XSYS nyloprint® range, the new plate also works well with ThermoFlexX TFxX imagers that have been fitted with a Hybrid drum (with vacuum channels and magnets).

"nyloprint® WS PRO D presents a significant leap in productivity and efficiency, offering invaluable benefits to converters. This advancement empowers them to expedite product delivery without compromising on top-tier quality. Driven by its proven durability on the press, it not only reduces operational costs but also minimizes waste generation. This sustainability-conscious approach aligns seamlessly with the objectives of brand owners," emphasized Dr. Christian Pietsch. “With this introduction, XSYS continues its mission to provide brilliance for customers with the latest innovation in plates and platemaking equipment that allows them to succeed.”

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