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XSYS honored with FPPA Award for Innovation Excellence in Flexo Prepress

  • Publicado el 19 de Marzo de 2024

XSYS, a leading specialist for the global flexographic printing industry, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the FPPA Innovation Excellence Award 2024 for the fully automatic ThermoFlexX Catena+ platemaking line. Received during the association’s 25th annual conference, which was held on 26 February, in Indian Wells, California, the award recognizes the continued commitment of XSYS to providing groundbreaking innovations that allow prepress operations and converters to produce brilliant results.

XSYS honored with FPPA Award for Innovation Excellence in Flexo Prepress

ThermoFlexX Catena+ is an end-to-end workflow solution developed to streamline the flexo platemaking process with full automation for increased efficiency, high precision, and less waste. By integrating cutting-edge automation and intelligent software, Catena+ enables prepress operations to produce high-quality plates with minimal operator intervention, thereby reducing the risk of errors, and maximizing productivity.

Catena+ not only delivers brilliant print results, it also supports important sustainability targets by leveraging the latest UV LED exposure technology and optimizing the process, particularly when used in combination with XSYS flexo plates and ThermoFlexX Woodpecker surface screening technology. It was chosen by the judging committee as the winner among multiple submissions and awarded “Excellence in Flexo Pre-Press for Outstanding Achievement in the Flexo Industry 2024.”

“We are extremely honored to receive this industry award for the Catena+ platemaking system,” said Dan Rosen, Sales Director National Accounts, North America, who collected the trophy together with Technical Director James Van Buskirk. “As XSYS, we are dedicated to bringing to market innovations that allow our customers to be the best in their field. This award clearly proves that XSYS is providing the right answers to today’s challenges and pushing the boundaries of automation for the benefits of our customers and the wider industry.”

The annual Flexographic Prepress Platemakers Association (FPPA) Excellence in Flexo Pre-press Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements, innovation, sustainability, and overall excellence in flexographic pre-press in the printing industry. The Innovation category specifically rewards advancements in technology, processes, or methodologies that have significantly enhanced flexo pre-press capabilities.

Giving their reasoning for choosing the automatic Catena+ line as the winner, the judges, which comprise FPPA board and marketing committee members, highlighted the flexibility provided by its modular design, meaning the solution can grow with the business, and the efficiency gains it brings to platemaking. In particular, they noted that the innovative nature of Catena+ is proven in the market with several full systems operating effectively in production environments.

During the conference, Dan Rosen gave a presentation on the topic of LED optimized plates during which he shared the results of a detailed print study. Discussing the benefits of the nyloflex® FTV and NEF flexo plates, he presented print samples created in collaboration with Cyber Graphics. The leading trade shop is a veteran in using LED plate exposure technology and it was the first in North America to implement the Catena-WDLS Washer, Dryer, Light-finisher, and Stacker from XSYS.

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