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XSYS launches digital configuration tool for rotec® adapters

  • Publicado el 26 de Enero de 2024

XSYS has introduced the rotec® Adapter Configuration Tool, a comprehensive online product guidance and order request portal that gives printers direct access to fully customized adapters. By visiting the XSYS website, printers can effortlessly configure the exact adapter they require for their press by specifying all the technical details in one simple process. This streamlined approach contributes to a more efficient ordering process, where printers can receive their bespoke adapter in a shorter time frame.

XSYS launches digital configuration tool for rotec® adapters

The rotec® brand has been delivering state-of-the-art sleeves and adapters to the flexographic packaging industry for over 30 years, working closely with printers, listening to their needs to provide optimal solutions. Offering the ultimate in convenience and user-friendliness, the new rotec® Adapter Configuration Tool is an extension of XSYS’s existing made-to-order service.

“Digital tools are becoming increasingly vital to the smooth daily operation of any manufacturing business. As a leading technical solutions provider, XSYS continues to add more access points to maintain our exceptional service level and boost customer satisfaction,” explains Thomas Strohe, Director of Commercial Excellence at XSYS. “We have already experienced great success with the XSYS Product Selector and the recently introduced Flexo Solution Finder, which are both popular services. Now, with the rotec® Adapter Configuration Tool, customers can customize an adapter specific to their application and requirements, simply by visiting our website at their convenience.”

The new online tool expertly guides customers through the step-by-step configuration of their adapter. After entering the required dimensions, they can select their unique application details, addressing any issues such a press vibration, speed, print quality, operator health & safety, and costs. From here, the tool chooses the best rotec® adapter solution to meet these requirements. The adapter is further customized with the customer’s specific air source and the chosen air distribution technology, based on their distinct needs.

The new process also offers the opportunity to include various upgrades that improve efficiencies and extend the adapter’s lifespan, such as notches and rings, end plates, registration tools, and conductivity technology. Based on the customer’s data input, the final screen will display the recommended adapter specification, which is then reviewed by XSYS’s customer service team, who will promptly respond with a personalized quotation. As soon as the customer approves the quote, the new adapter will be manufactured and shipped.

“The XSYS Adapter Configuration Tool for our rotec® range provides numerous benefits in addition to immediate access, such as helping to prevent ordering errors and streamlining the customization process. It has been developed as part of our strategy to support our customers with innovative solutions that work for them on their terms. With each new digital tool, XSYS delivers even more ways to print solid and stay flexible, empowering our customers to be brilliant in everything they do,” concludes Gina Wienbracke, rotec® Product Manager.

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