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callas software positions pdfToolbox 15 at the heart of its conference presence! at drupa

  • Publicado el 16 de Mayo de 2024

callas software presents the new Version 15 of its pdfToolbox at drupa 2024, Hall 7, Stand F06. With this release, callas – the market leader for automated PDF quality control and archiving solutions – focuses on the challenges associated with label printing and variable data printing. However, the release also contains various improvements to support prepress automation across the board.

callas software positions pdfToolbox 15 at the heart of its conference presence! at drupa

For example, users now have an expanded range of options for quality control and PDF modification and can more easily create and test automated workflows. Visitors to the trade show can also learn more about pdfaPilot, which lets users create and process digital PDF-based invoices. callas’ program for the trade show also covers pdfChip, which is used to convert HTML files into high-quality PDF documents.

The most important updates in pdfToolbox 15 include the optimized preflight profile editor as well as the Process Plan editor, both of which are now easier to use and offer additional options. The Object Inspector has also been extended. The Object Inspector is a view mode that allows you to see all the properties of selected objects on the page. It is now possible to derive a new preflight check from all or some of the properties of the selected object in the Object Inspector. Meanwhile, the integrated test mode makes it incredibly easy to test user-created profiles or Process Plans. As of pdfToolbox 15, this mode now includes a new loupe tool, the ability to visualize shapes or user-defined page regions in checks or fixups, and a new view that isolates objects identified during checks.

pdfToolbox 15 also includes a range of improvements related to die lines such as the ability to read CF2 files and convert them to PDF. You can now also break die lines into separate paths at certain locations or join broken die lines so cutters can easily use them. A new capability to calculate the length of die lines and detect die lines that contain too sharp corners or narrow curves has also been added. Bleed can now also be permitted along the inner borders of vector paths. In addition, bleed generation at page edges can automatically detect and fix problems that can appear if page content doesn’t completely reach the trim box. Finally, pdfToolbox 15 can also detect bleed and trim marks even if they are part of an image or created in the wrong color space. This makes automatically setting a correct trim and bleed box much easier.

Variables allow information to be fed automatically from other systems (such as an MIS, a Web2Print site, or similar) into pdfToolbox, where they can be used for PDF quality control or fixes. Alternately, an “Ask-at-runtime” dialog lets the user enter their own values. In pdfToolbox Desktop, users can now edit the content and appearance of this dialog with just a few lines of JavaScript. For example, they can edit the order in which variables are shown and define relationships between them.

callas software will also use drupa to show how businesses can create and process digital invoices in Factur-X or ZUGFeRD format using XML files as a base. This is important as, from next year, businesses in Germany will be legally obliged to issue digital invoices in a structured format. Other countries are also promoting digital invoicing.

Also at drupa, callas software will present pdfChip, its command line tool for flexible conversion of HTML files into high-quality PDFs. This solution supports all HTML functions, plus CMYK, spot colors, XMP metadata, barcodes, and much more. Typical applications for pdfChip include transactional printing for invoice or order information, book and catalog creation, or web-to-print applications.

During drupa, at the the drupa Next Age (DNA) forum in hall 7, Dietrich von Seggern, Managing Director at callas software, will deliver his compelling presentation "PDF standards and why you can't afford to ignore them" on the following two occasions: May 28th from 14:00 to 14:30 and June 5th from 12:30 to 13:00

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